Waiting for Sunrise


A nihilist rom-dramedy about Peyton, an underwhelmed, overdrugged eighteen-year-old, who struggles through the dreary desolation of winter in a New England summer paradise.

When Peyton wakes up on a football field in the freezing cold, he finds himself in an oversized, sagging penguin costume. He decides to cure it like he always does-- with a joint and a coffee.

Peyton makes his way over to his regular diner, where his friends provide the usual mindless post-party banter. After trying to narrow down whom Peyton slept with the night before, a routine bathroom coke therapy session, and some unexpected insight from an unexpected person, Peyton realizes that he is just living directionless in a life controlled by everyone else.

Official Selection - NewFilmmakers New York - Fall Series 2014


Kai Issey
Peyton / Penguin
Christina Roman
Morgan Lever
Cam / Doctor
Willa Darian
Jennifer / Lady Ganger
Halli Herzog
Nat / Peacock
David Ryan
Denny / Soccer Player
Jenny Irving
Michelle / Clown
Sonia Ruscoe
Katie Wright / Princess
Cara Scozzafava
Katie Judge / Cop





Alexa Green

Alexa Green was born in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. She has always loved film. Her earliest influence was Howard Hawks, when at age eight she was able to recite all of the dialogue from his 1946 film The Big Sleep. When she received a camcorder for Christmas 2005, she began filming everything she could.

Green directs and produces short films, documentaries, parodies, tv shows, promotional material, and music videos, and has worked in every position from Production Manager to Assistant Director to Editor on numerous student and professional shorts and features. She has won several national awards for her work, and has been hired by local businesses and filmmakers to create promotional material and documentaries. Green has also worked with HBO, Nickelodeon, Columbia Pictures, PBS, THEM Media, the Berkshire Film & Media Collaborative, and New York Times bestselling author Rachel Simmons, among many others. She graduated in January 2013 with a BFA in Film and Television from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, with a double-minor in Producing & Sociology.

Green now floats between New York City and Western Massachusetts, working on various shoots in both areas.

Melina Greene, hails from Washington, DC. Since buying her first 'cam-corder' at the age of 9, Melina has been working to document culture as she sees it. She always pushes to root viewers firmly in unfamiliar realities with engaging stories and unique character perspectives.

She has honed her production style and storytelling method at NYU's Tisch School for Film and Television. Her most recent endeavor has been directing her first narrative short, "In The Chair." The film takes a closer and more realistic look at the black hair salon experience. She also recently produced "Love Can Burn," an R&B music video that actively aims to push the limits and expectations of the genre.

Executive Producers
The Garber Family
Laurie & Ken Green
Music by
Special Thanks to
Ximena Alvarez
Nicolas Borenstein
The Chase Family
The Coan Family
The Coleman Family
Natalia Combs-Greene
Charlotte Crane
John Dolan
The Gallagher Family
Kamilah Gray
Carol Green
Michael Hanelin
Margaret & John Hillier
Oliver Klein
Michael Landes
Karen & Walter Lasbury
The Mattoon Family
Michael Marcolla
The Methe Family
Julia O'Connor
The Reardon Family
Agnes Detloff Reardon
Arden & Thomas Reardon
Eliza Rodrigs
Robin Sayres
Steve Sayres
Ruth Simmons
Maria Sirois
Sarah Virden
Daniel Wriggins
Simone Wymbs-Stevens